Cinnamon Nemo File Manager not open Network shares

Hi all,

i am not new to linux but checking out EndeavourOS for the first time. What should i say. I like it. :slight_smile: Easy installation, an a ful Arch Background on top with EndeavourOS extras… Very good.

But i have an issue with nemo filemanager on Cinnamon. On Manjaro it worked, on native Arch Linux i got this also running. But now, i am not able to open Network Shares with the Nemo File Manager.

On the left side in Nemo, there is a list entry for “Network”.

If i select this entry, nemo shows me in the main area my network devices, eg. my NAS (with the Name the NAS has on my Network).

If i now select my NAS for showing me my Network shares (samba shares), nemo says, that, it is not possible to mount this device.

“Unable to mount the location, receiving the share list from the server failed”

If i select the path manualy via smb:// in nemo, it works.

I have installed:

avahi (also enabled it → avahi-daemon)

Any suggestions, what could be missing here?

Thanks and regards

Thx, but sorry, have checked everything in there. Has nothing to do with a firewall, if i enter smb:// it works from nemo, but not, if i select the my NAS from Network List entry.

That sounds like the exact same problem I’ve had a few times with Thunar. The problem is not Nemo specific, there is some package missing. Let me dig.

Ah, my problem was the opposite. (Back in 2019).
I could see the NAS in Thunar but NOT connect to it thru smb (or thunar).

Question, is gvfs installed? Not just gvfs-smb?

I would have thought that information would be in the Arch wiki? :thinking:


Yes, if i enter smb:// it works, as i have described above. But this is not what i am looking for. If i doubleklick my NAS-Icon in Nemo, i got the message, that it is not possible to open the device.

Hi, everything is installed… gfvs, gvfs-smb, avahi, nemo-share :frowning:

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So, i have a solution now. The AVAHI Service has to be configured. Therefore the file
/etc/nsswitch.conf has to be edited:

mdns_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] has to be inserted into the host line before resolve and dns. See example below

hosts: files mymachines myhostname mdns_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] dns

Damn I knew there was something else but I couldn’t remember what exactly. Saved it as a bookmark for me later. Glad you re-found the solution :+1:

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That sounds… familiar. Sorry it didn’t click for me.