Cinnamon laggy after update for some tasks

I’m not sure what update caused this but I’ve observed recently that taking a screenshot with the native screenshotting tool is very laggy (multiple seconds) between clicking and it actually being done.

Further more I’ve noticed Nemo being slow to load the first time.

Anyone else noticed this and how could I figure out what’s causing this to troubleshoot?

Do you have xdg-desktop-portal-gnome installed? If so, try removing it and reboot.


6.4.1-arch1-1 kernel caused my system slowed down, others reported some issues with it as well, make sure you have 6.4.1-arch2-1 installed.


That solved it! What exactly is that package :smiley:

It’s a sub-package of xdg-desktop-portal which enables desktop integration for sandboxed apps like Flatpaks. If you have xdg-desktop-portal-gtk installed then you don’t need xdg-desktop-portal-gnome on your system.


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