Cinnamon is pretty good!

I installed it into my ex wife’s laptop (she thinks its the new Windows 10 lol), and I have a partition with it. It’s very easy to use. I mean I still prefer my main DE which is KDE, but Cinnamon is a solid second favorite. For some reason I had never tried it out before and I am impressed. I even got KDE Connect to work on it. I replaced its terminal with Tilix and Terminator. I’m glad I tried it.


Cinnamon is pretty good, yes…

…but Plasma is great! :rofl:


Cinnamon is my daily driver because I mostly use GTK apps, and found Plasma to be painful with it’s handling of those, particularly Remmina. Whilst Plasma is now lower resources and fast, I have never found it to be as stable.


Cinnamon is an excellent DE especially for Windows users coming over. Its smooth stable and has a Windows 7 feel to it. Its my favourite desktop just because its so easy to use and stable


Cinnamon is really good! :wink:


I switched one computer to cinnamon because it handles well multiple high dpi screens with different resolutions.

I used cinnamon in the past via linux mint, but prefer much better eos.

This DE looks neat! Haven’t played too much with customization, just folder colors…

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It’s my favorite, and what I use normally. I like my Linux spicy.