Cinnamon good for Gaming?

So I’m deciding to switch to Endeavour after using Linux Mint and Manjaro for a long time. On both I used Cinnamon. Since a few weeks I started to play some games. Is the Cinnamon DE good for stable gaming performance on EndeavourOS? Does it make real difference to e.g. KDE or GNOME? Is there a good controller support for my XBox Series X Controller?

I have an Intel i5-11400F, RX 6650 XT and 16GB 3200 MHz RAM from G.Skill Aegis

Thanks in advance.

it doesn’t really matter which DE you use. Controller support isn’t handled by the DE, it all comes down to the individual game supporting it.


I used Cinnamon for a long time and didn’t really experience any issues with my controller. The only issues I had were related to the games themselves and Proton. I would make tweaks based off the ProtonDB submissions and was ok for the most part. I did end up switching to KDE, however for other unrelated reasons.

I use both Cinnamon and i3 to play games. Only issues I have are related to the game’s compatibility or when I had been using my computer all day and then try to play a Triple-A game without giving my laptop a break first.

Also, used KDE and Xfce prior to both above. Same results.

I also use this. You need the xpadneo AUR package to use it wirelessly.

It usually works. If you prefer to use it wired, xpad works great.

When it comes to DEs and gaming, I always think of their ability to disable the compositor. If you disable your desktop’s compositor, you disable its effects and most importantly its vsync, so you get the same experience as exclusive fullscreen on Windows, with the lowest input lag.

On Plasma and Xfce, I know I can let fullscreen programs disable the compositor or manually disable it myself.

On Cinnamon, I don’t think you can manually disable the compositor but there is an option to let fullscreen programs disable it.