Cinnamon Can't change Mouse Pointer size

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I have been using Cinnamon for about a week now and everything is running great; however, I do have a couple of minor issues. It would seem that I cannot change the cursor size. There is absolutely no settings for this anywhere. This is an issue because the cursor is scaled for my HIDPI monitor, so it is massive at the moment.

I have also noticed that there is no option to change the default color away from the default blue in Arc-Dark. Is there meant to be options for these settings? Or is this a limitation in Cinnamon?

I do come from using KDE, so I understand that some configuration is a bit limited from what I am used to.


Both of these settings should be in Settings ==> Appearance ==> Themes. The colors are self-explanatory; for the mouse cursor, click on Advanced settings…. Here you can also change individual components of the desired theme.

NOTE: this info is from a Linux Mint VM, not an Arch-based one. The settings, however, should be the same as Mint’s Cinnamon version is the same as in the Arch repos.

But I don’t have any of those options listed. This is all that i get under themes… No colours or pointer customization options.

Okay, I have just spun up my own Linux Mint VM and can verify that there are much more config options here. I have seen enough forums to believe that my case is not unique; there is definitely something missing that is severely limiting customization options on Cinnamon in Endeavouros. Is there some package or something that is missing?

I’ll install an EOS-based Cinnamon VM tomorrow.

No need. Cinnamon user here. There are no options to change cursor size that come with Cinnamon. But it can still be done using dconf-editor.
You can install it, run it, then click on the search icon beside the text field at the top, then type “cursor” (see images below)

You may need to log out and back in, and change it from Adwaita if that’s not the cursor theme you actually want.

dconf-editor has a tendency to show things as default when you open it, but the change only takes effect after you click save at the bottom-right of the app.

Thanks heaps for the info. This looks pretty good. When I get a chance, I’ll download it, check it out and let you know

Despite ddnn’s response looking good for the cursor size issue, it would still be good to know why there are configuration differences between EndeavourOS Cinnamon and Mint Cinnamon

I changed my cursor size under Cinnamon by going to System settings > Hardware > Mouse and Touchpad.


Maybe there isn’t one?

Under Hardware… What a strange place to put a software-related setting. No wonder I don’t recall ever seeing this before. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the update. I have been able to change the pointer size using these settings. Can’t believe that I missed these originally

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Has anyone managed to have any luck working out why there are no color options?

It is possible to install mint-themes and mint-y-icons packages from AUR to get the same theming and color options that are available in Linux Mint.

Ahh thanks. I see the options in the AUR. I will install later when I have some time and check it out. Thanks for your help

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