Cinnamon Calendar applet not fully loading after latest update

The Calendar applet is there, but I get a notification that “an applet didn’t load”. When I click on the applet, it does not show my gnome linked calendar events. However, if I reload “” (screenshot below), it starts fully working again. So, it kinda looks like something may be loading out of order?

First of all, have you updated to the new 5.4 version of Cinnamon that hit the Arch repos yesterday?

Yes, I suppose I should have said “5.4” instead of “latest update” in the title. I just ran cinnamon-looking-glass this morning and the transparency extension is not working either. Errors are as follows…

error t=2022-06-19T06:46:53Z [Error: No signal ‘maximize’ on object ‘CinnamonWM’]: Failed to evaluate ‘enable’ function on extension: transparent-panels@germanfr
info t=2022-06-19T06:46:53Z Loaded applet in 212 ms
error t=2022-06-19T06:46:53Z
[transparent-panels@germanfr]: Extension transparent-panels@germanfr: Could not create extension object.
[transparent-panels@germanfr]: Error importing extension.js from transparent-panels@germanfr

Interesting… after disabling the transparent-panels extension, there are no more error notifications on startup. However, the calendar app is still not loading my calendars until after I manually reload it per the screenshot I posted yesterday. So, it appears the 5.4 update broke transparent-panels and the calendar applet is not loading my Gnome calendar on initial start.

UPDATE: Just posted the bug report on the transparent-panels github page.

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I’m guessing this bug report was from you as well. Using Cinnamon on Arch based distros means you’re often a beta tester when new versions of Cinnamon are released. The new version of Linux Mint (21 Vanessa) will be released once enough of these bugs have been fixed and Cinnamon has been updated.

Yup, and I just got a notification that a point release with the fix is coming in the next day or two.

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And, as of today, it’s fixed… :slight_smile: