Cinnamon applets showing in fullscreen apps

After installing endeavourOS apollo i decided to open some games and to my surprise the applets of my task bar where showing in the games.

I tried changing the themes and reinstalling the apps but this did nothing. Since is my first time dealing with a DE error i am not sure on what information to post here, sorry for that.

Welcome @Chloe
On Cinnamon have you tried going into effects in the preferences menu and turn off window effects?


Some of the applets doesn’t show anymore in fullscreen but the steam applet still do.

Also, thank you for the reply!

I guess you could remove the steam applet then so it don’t show and either launch it from the menu or terminal?

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I already do that, this applet just appear when steam is open. Weird thing is that after i closed steam the other applet started showing up.

The only thing i know about this bug is that only application applets do this (like steam and element), other applets doesn’t show up in fullscreen.

There is something i can do to get more info on the issue?

Maybe check steam forums? I really don’t have an answer.

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The problem was with a notification applet, after i installed the new endeavouros version it fixed it. If someone is having the same issue just install the new version or remove the notification applet, it will fix it.

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