Cinnamon 6.2 is here

The Arch Linux package is already flagged :triangular_flag_on_post: has now been updated : :rocket:

There’s bound to be a few bugs :bug: so get ready to report them at GitHub.


I wonder if Cinammon will add VRR support…

Also are they going to use Wayland? Right now is listed as experimental.

I think it will still be “Experimental”. They’re planning to be fully ready for the Ubuntu 26.04 base (Raunchy Rhinoceros).

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It’s reached the Extra repo now - post above :point_up: updated.

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A full 2 more years? Wow. :open_mouth:

It may be before that, but Mint is based on Ubuntu LTS releases, and 26.04 may see X11 deprecated, so that’s their long stop date.


A couple of summaries of some of the changes in Cinnamon 6.2:


I want to try Wayland on cinnamon 6.2 and i’m running 550.90.07.
But when login a black screen appears, someone have a tip to this?

Wayland on Cinnamon is still experimental. It works well for many, glitchy for others and not at all for some.

And welcome to the forum! :enos_flag:

Thanks :pray:

It is a bit strange, since i manage to run on other Linux Distro that i can´t type name here :clown_face: :green_circle:

I will try to post logs of my try in forums

Again, thanks :pray: