Cinnamon 4.6.0 landed on Archlinux stable repositories


As Cinnamon 4.6.0 landed on Archlinux repositories, I made some screenshots with it, using ark-darker theme and arc-x-d icon theme.

All in it with Qemu in VirtManager and virgl 3D acceleration :slight_smile:

Technical infos:


Inxi output:


And a little glxgears in action :slight_smile:


Let’s wait for Mint 20.0 to be released with Cinnamon 4.6.x (with x=3 or greater) to have a fully debugged version :smiley:


a big day.

New Cinnamon version, new kernel update, new Gimp update, new…

Anyway, seems to work fine!
Screenshot from 2020-05-14 11-32-54


A few bugs. And a bug fix already.

  1. Could not open any settings. Just as I discovered that an update for the Cinnamon package popped up. That solved that issue.
  2. Still can’t access settings for any applets, including the settings for Cinnamon Menu. I assume this will be fixed soon.

Do you mean right click and configure on the start menu and also same on the show desktop icon? I have it running on vm and that’s what i notice.

Yep exactly.
Also if I go the long way around (goes into “Applets” and then click on the individual settings symbols for applets there…) nothing happens.

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I’ve updated to the new cinnamon version here too (4.6.0). I’m seeing the same issue with right click -> configure on the start menu and other places. I’ve also noticed that a few of the desklets I was using have a stability warning now and aren’t showing up. I’m guessing those will need updated too, so I’ll keep an eye out for that, hopefully soon.

I just installed Cinnamon just a few hours ago. Didn’t like the hassle of trying to put color on the panel. I still couldn’t figure it out.

I then installed KDE, and like what I see so far.

With today’s update Menu settings works again! :slight_smile:

…That said I think I’m going back to Xfce… Don’t asky me why :wink:

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