Chuwi minibook x screen splits on wake?

Hi everyone,

I appreciate this issue might have nothing to do with EnOS so apologies upfront.

I have a chuwi minibook x and bought it to play around with linux, i reformated it with EnOS and cinnamon.

Now if the laptop goes to sleep, upon waking it the top half of the screen goes black and the bottom half has all like pixelated lines horizontally? Its almost like you’ve damaged the screen with force but soon as you shutdown and start it up again its back fine again?

I noticed also that i had to change the rotation of the screen when i first formatted to Portrait left because it was set as landscape but it was flipped? same with the login page, had to update the lightdm config to flip the screen.

Not sure if this is related at all but wondered if anyone else had this issue?

Ok i managed to fix it, when it happens, running this fixed it!

xrandr --output DSI-1 --mode 1920x1200

Or whatever your monitor/display is…

Anyone able to shed some light on this or a more perma fix?

Anyone able to shed anymore light? im still getting this issue, sometimes running the above command works sometimes im geting “Configure crtc 0 failed”, but adding --crtc 0 on the above command sometimes makes it work sometimes doesnt?

Its an N100 processor, starting to think its some sort of hardware/driver for this?

Try disabling “Native ASPM” in the BIOS.

The bios has literally nothing in it, just chipset info which is all locked and boot stuff.

Ive been asked to try changing in config intel_idle.max_cstate, in grub its in the grub config but with eos its systemd right, and i have no idea where i need to put in intel_idle.max_cstate. Any ideas?


Check to see if there is an “advanced” menu you can access. Disabling native ASPM in the BIOS is a suggestion mentioned here: