Chuwi minibook x alder lake n100 / gnome

Hi all,

Really been enjoying gnome and eos on the chuwi minibook x, its been a nice experience trialing it for the last month or so, hoping to move my work computer to it.

Ive just noticed something, the bluetooth toggle in the gnome settings, doesnt do anything so i cant turn on bluetooth. When you press the toggle it flicks on and off quick.

I previously had a similar problem on manjaro and got:

Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to load Intel firmware file intel/ibt-0040-1050.sfi (-2)

setting up this fixed it but not on eos:

cd /usr/lib/firmware/intel
sudo ln -s ibt-1040-4150.ddc ibt-0040-1050.ddc
sudo ln -s ibt-1040-4150.sfi ibt-0040-1050.sfi

Any ideas?

I’d try to see if any of these worked…