Chromium os

hi, i dont find chromium os iso, was deleted from MEGA site, anyone have a link with iso image?? i want try again , on chromium os project site is just for ubuntu tuturial (dev) and some packagefrom there i cant find in aur.

as far as I know (please correct me if I’m wrong), chromium os ISO is not legally available without permission from Google.
And in that case it is not appropriate to support illegal actions here.

EDIT: I checked, I probably was wrong, sorry about that.

yes, you talking about chrome os, google give permission to build chromium os from scratch (devs). i find on youtube just cloudready and all use mac os image to make usb with chrome recovery utility (.bin files), but didnt start the installer after booting the usb.

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But I guess you already know this.

yes, but some packages i cant find in AUR :frowning:

Sorry, never used chromium os.
Here are some searches from AUR:

Hope they help…

i was there too, no help. that can be used after chromium installed. thx anyway :wink:

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I don’t think the AUR is a good place to search for the Chromium project, Chromium OS is a distro and that’s why you can’t find everything in the AUR.

That reason is also why you don’t find Elementary OS in the AUR, it is maintained by a group of developers.

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i know , but i cant find some extensions, like curl, gitk , nothing special (git-core gitk git-gui,python-pkg-resources python-virtualenv python-oauth2client xz-utils).

Those packages are in the Arch repo, not in the AUR.

i cant find them. and i enabled AUR too . i will search on arch site . thx for reply.

For example gitk is included in git.

pacman -Si git curl xz    # and others...

Sometimes it is easier to use terminal… :wink:

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OK, i do it in 90% of cases, update, install or remove package

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Try this for ChromiumOS, but don’t expect anything…

@Tiger I moved the topic to the lounge area because this post has got nothing to do with EndeavourOS general system, next time look for the right area for your post :wink:

yes, i know, i tried last night …but stuck on boot screen . a lot of partitions , i think at least 20 . i will try other iso. them dont work all. thank you :wink:

ok , sorry. i just asked some opinions. finished :wink:

:poop: happens!

it is possible to convert bin to img ? chromium_os.bin for example

I was able to use in live iso, but I don’t know how to make WiFi and Bluetooth to work. ChromeOS works with API?