Chromium based browsers scrolling feels laggy (as if it is 60hz instead of 144hz)


So as the title says, I have some weird issues with Brave & Vivaldi where the scrolling feels weird, as if it is scrolling in 60hz and not 144hz for some reason. I do not have this issue with Firefox.

I am using i3 with picom.

This doesn’t really bother me if no one knows how to fix this because I don’t mind using Firefox + I’ve just ordered 6700 XT (currently using RTX 2070 SUPER) and will be switching to something like sway or maybe back to some DE and if I’d have to guess I won’t have this issue, because I didn’t have this issue while I was using KDE or GNOME.

Removing xdg-desktop-portal-gnome is the first thing I would suggest. Otherwise some system logs might be helpful.

Yeah I’ve uninstalled that because it caused apps to start really slow. What kind of logs would you like ?

You could try disabling hardware acceleration, animations, or smooth scrolling for either browser. The fact that it is only affecting chrome based browsers is odd. Was it ever working properly? Because it could be from a package update also.

Well I installed i3 like 4 days ago and before that was using kde on just arch and had no issues. Never really had this on any distro & doubt that this is only on endeavour because this is pretty much just arch with some preinstalled stuff.

I’ll try disabling those things and see what happens.

Also never used the zen kernel so maybe that could cause this somehow?

You could certainly switch off zen and see if that helps. I would start with the simple stuff first, though.
EDIT: I just happened upon this by pure coincidence. It looks like there may be a bug upstream.

You’re right. I’m currently on ArcoLinux. Same issue with Brave. Just waiting for a fix.

FF was my main browser anyway. Just wanted to start using Brave more and had to take a u-turn because of this bug.

Yeah pretty much same thing just to try out Vivaldi.

If this post will be open in a week I can put an update on here after I get the AMD gpu I ordered if it’s something with nvidia or something.

Though idk if you are using amd or nvidia

Yep, using nvidia here. If AMD solves the issue, that will be the last straw for me and nvidia.

Planning on getting a Tuxedo laptop next year, but thinking I should avoid nvidia if I can, because I’ve been having issues only nvidia users seem to have, though it’s not all nvidia users - just a fraction.

So yeah I do not have this issue now that I got the AMD GPU…

As per usual something with NVIDIA.

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