Chrome update failed

good morning, this morning when I opened the chrome browser the message appeared that it is not possible to update it, to reinstall it, do you know what I can do to solve the problem, do I have to uninstall everything or is there a procedure to avoid this, thanks.
chrome aggiorno

how did you install it and how did you want to update chrome?

How do you update Chrome and what error message exactly did you get? (Pamac, command line, Welcome app, etc.)

I simply opened the browser this morning and the message appeared that the update was not successful and by clicking on update at the top right it says that it is not possible to update Chrome and to reinstall it

ok, how did you install chrome?

I believe from AUR packages

Have you used Chrome (from AUR) for some time?
Have you had experience of the browser itself notify you about updates?

I am not saying that this may be the case but it might:

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Have you used Chrome (from AUR) for some time?
I’m using it at the same time as Firefox, having used Windows before this experience I also installed Chrome, it’s been a couple of months and it’s the first time the update has appeared.

Check if there is an update for your Chrome with: yay

no chrome update, I try to restart but it always appears at the top right update failed reinstall chrome

Is that message referring to the browser, or is it referring to an extension that can’t be updated?

Not using google-chrome so I cannot check but is there any setting for “Automatic Updates” or some such in the browser’s settings?

Please show us the output of the following terminal command

yay -Qs google-chrome