Chrome-Remote-Desktop & Systemd

I use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect to my home PC from work. However if the wife restarts the computer, the service is no longer working. I have found some websites that mention a systemd service should be available to keep it running. However, running:

sudo systemctl enable chrome-remote-desktop

Results in “Failed to enable unit: Unit file chrome-remote-desktop.service does not exist.”

How do I fix this?

Have you installed it?

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Don’t do this…
Sudo pacman -R wife


Very, very OT.

Women belong in the kitchen at the stove not at the PC :wink:

sudo rm -R pc-wife
mkdir ~/kitchen-wife
sudo pacman -Syyu kitchen-wife kitchen-wife-extra-cute

</kidding> or dreaming? :wink:


Yes, it is installed and runs just fine but I have to manually type crd --start whenever the computer boots.

Well, I don’t use CRD but you don’t seem to have the service so you could always try stealing the service file from the AUR package.

Just click download snapshot from the AUR page and copy chrome-remote-desktop.service to /etc/systemd/system


yay -R no pamac for you! :rofl:


If @dalto’s (better) solution doesn’t work for you for some reason you can always ssh home from work and restart it manually if the session was killed.

sudo find / -name "*kitchen*" -exec rm -rf {} \;

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