Chrome (Brave) opens downloads in wrong file manager

This is an interesting thing:

I run Xfce with pcman-fm as default file manager. Everything is respecting that, except downloads in Chrome-based browsers: If I click on the “Show in folder” option after downloading a file, it still opens Thunar.

Now, if I go and view “all download” and pick the option “Open download folder”, Chrome / Brave / Chromium opens pcman-fm.

Not a big problem and an obscure one, but does anyone know a quick fix?

What does this command return:

xdg-mime query default inode/directory 


Which I already had checked but double-checked anyway :slight_smile:

Are you talking about having Chrome open in download screen and click on show in folder?

Can’t screenshot right now, but:

if I click on the link (either at the bottom after the download is finished or in the “show all downloads” window under every individual file) it will open in Thunar.

I I click on the button up on the right in the “show all downloads” window it will open the download directory in pcman-fm.

On Chromium i don’t see a link at the bottom?

You have to download a thing. Then you get the download bar at the bottom.

Seems to me i ran across this before. It works for me…

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Ah. But the point is that I want it the other way around. I decided to go with pcman fm this time instead of nemo (I just don’t like thunar, as you know).
And it is set as default, and all other programs and functions respect it, except that.

Anyway, I am not expecting any of you to dig up an answer; it is not that much of an annoyance since I can just clock on the actual file manager icon instead of that bar.

Oh…sorry i misunderstood. I don’t use pcmanfm so not familiar with it.

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