Christmas Bells

Just noticed the Christmas Bells in the top L/R corners of the forum. Nice touch guys! I know it may not be everyone’s belief or religion or even “whatever” but it’s nice to respect some traditions. Personally I find the commercial aspect in my country quite disgusting as it does not respect the original idea, but if people can remember what it originally meant then OK.

I do understand though that in Northern European countries it was adapted from Yule and other things to fit in with earlier beliefs. But still, have a good winter season everyone! :wink: :grin: :christmas_tree:


Maybe the theme could rotate, like the hand color in the log-in page. Amanita muscaria too? Star of David??? Suggestions…

Nice idea, probably far too much work for the website maintainers. It’s just a couple of bells. However if a volunteer steps forward! :man_shrugging: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Right. I should not suggest more work for others. I don’t know the limits of Discourse .
Nice bells and holly indeed!


Thanks, and I did listen to the feedback from last year, so no Christmas lights that increase the load on CPU/memory. :wink:


Firefox hates Christmas, I think, no bells, no tree, no lights, nothing… :expressionless:



Very festive. :smiley: Here’s to being able to spend Christmas with people this year.
:christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow: :gift: :santa:


using dark CSS if you do not want the bells :wink:


Oh! So is not Firefox! Is the dark theme! Ok

Edit: no is the mobile version that don’t have those, light or dark doesn’t change

So that’s why I don’t have any! I miss them, but not enough to consider NOT using the dark theme!

Hmm- maybe with dark reader extension, :grin:

Edit: Tried the light Endeavour, and saw the bells - but Dark Reader couldn’t change it for some reason. Interestingly, the bells showed up on Dark Endeavour after switching back, though! At least right then…

Using Endeavour forum dark theme not dark reader and I see bells hehehe

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