Choosing a high end laptop for programming

I would like to buy a new laptop, which is not a Mac and performs well both on Linux and Windows. I had a Lenovo Yoga S740 (14inch) laptop during university and I can’t say it was perfect. Even on Windows (Teams app…) it had troubles recognizing my headphone’s microphone, Bluetooth earbuds (on my friend’s machine it worked perfectly).

What I’m looking for in a laptop:

- 32gb RAM 
- does not overheat under load 
- supports 2 high resolution monitors 
- closed mode: keyboard, monitor is turned off, but the hardware still works
- works well with Linux and Windows (I like dual boot)

Any information would be helpful. I don’t want to buy something that, in the end, I will regret.

I am using rog g14, works very well dual boot, support multiple linux, have ther website for linux ( and discord for linux support, they also have rog tools ( and even dedicated kernel, the laptop has 32 gb ram, 2k 120hz display, but I have only connected it to one 3840x2160@144hz monitor and it works perfectly.

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