Checksums don't match

Trying to make a live USB, but the sha512sum outputs a different string than the downloaded sha512.txt file…

Should be:

4ab4572b664186b94e18f440899ce18186837b043796b441728e9c9526a2590a53450270f10d04c6c4ba7561142a5ce7a69069dd8f0d58c6dd96ca5cf5c792e9 EndeavourOS_Cassini_neo_22_12.iso

But i get (in terminal in Fedora with the sha512sum file command):

3b06c558823099eacd131e524b9c8677237504b2e823c1bfdf7e612b382441a8200bc548eff2acb0e6aebbaf927599f210fe57c1b9cdb0590ff02c0d7af47950 EndeavourOS_Cassini_neo_22_12.iso

With the recent hardware instability, i’d rather make sure i’m using the correct non-damaged iso, cause booting from the live usb is what little computer use i’ll have til i get my issue resolved.

Downloaded from the worldwide server.
What’s up with that?
This is from the torrent file.
The directly downloaded file had yet another different sha512sum…

The sum of the file I downloaded from github has this sum:


That seems to match the expected one.

Did you download it from here:

I’ll try to download from github directly…

Yes, that page. Worldwide server, i’ll try to download now from github directly.
Or another server maybe…

The command on that page at the end, sha512sum -c EndeavourOS_Cassini_neo_22_12.iso.sha512sum outputs this:

EndeavourOS_Cassini_neo_22_12.iso: FAILED
sha512sum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match

I’ll report back when i download another iso.

You can copy the following line exactly as-is into the checksum file:

4ab4572b664186b94e18f440899ce18186837b043796b441728e9c9526a2590a53450270f10d04c6c4ba7561142a5ce7a69069dd8f0d58c6dd96ca5cf5c792e9  EndeavourOS_Cassini_neo_22_12.iso
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Can you show the exact download link you used?

This is the size of the ISO file: 2068672512 bytes

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Those are the links on the worldwide download - used right click, save link.

Those are the same ones like directly from github so i’m trying a different server now.

If possible, use either curl or wget app to download the ISO.

i’ll try that, thanks!


Now i KNOW the nvme is broken!

I tried wget, and it also produced the wrong checksum.

Then i downloaded it directly to a separate SSD, checksum passed immediately!
The nvme is corrupting files on the fly now, this is a disaster…
But at least i got my confirmation.
And thank god i backed up my files.

Thanks everyone for the responses!


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