Cheat sheet organizing application?

Since I have been told that I need to start a new thread on a continued topic:

Does anyone know of a program that can organize pdf cheat sheets such that they pop up with a keystroke and you can choose the one you want? So if working in R I would like to press something like ctrl+fn+c and a cheat sheet library that I created would show up and I could quickly navigate to the R one with an arrow or by typing say “r”.


Can you not just put all the pdf files in a directory and then create an alias you can click on to open that directory? You can name the cheat sheet pdf files anything you want and just click on them to open with your usual pdf viewer.

I haven’t heard of an application that does as you describe. The nearest thing I can think of is Calibre which is an ebook library app which can also work with pdf files I think. That would probably be overkill for what you are describing.

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That is kind of what I do now (not Calibre but just having in a directory) but I think there must be a better way because of how one (or me at least) tends to use cheat sheets which is a really quick reminder on the fly. I would just love to have a couple of keystrokes to have what I need front of me and then wipe away.

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