Cheap bluetooth earbuds

I have a pair of Yiman earbud from Amazon, never managed to connect them, I was wondering if anyone has managed to connect theirs?

Similar to:

Work fine on Android.

If have installed on plasma:

  1 extra/bluedevil 1:5.19.4-1 [plasma] [installed]
  2 extra/bluez 5.54-2 [installed]
  5 extra/bluez-libs 5.54-2 [installed]
  7 extra/gnome-bluetooth 3.34.1-1 [installed]
  8 extra/pulseaudio-bluetooth 13.0-3 [installed]
 10 extra/sbc 1.4-2 [installed]
 11 community/blueberry 1.3.9-1 [installed]
 12 community/blueman 2.1.3-1 [installed]
 13 community/bluez-tools 0.2.0-5 [installed]
 14 community/hidapi 0.9.0-2 [installed]


In order for cheap bluetooth earbuds to work, you need to install some cheap sunglasses.


I don’t have the same earbuds, but I have a SIMILAR pair of exceedingly cheap (and horrible sound quality) earbuds by “iHip” that connect without issue (but really suck).

I purchased a cheap pair from amazon that got good reviews, and connected fine, but they …SUCK. Sound is great, but if you move your head in the wrong direction, one disconnects from the other. Battery life is also too short for my taste.

I have had it with blutooth earphones, and have gone back to floppy cords that hit me in the face when I prancercise.

I managed to get them to connect for ~5 seconds, thats it. Oh well, no great loss.

I know it sounds stupid, but had you done a systemctl restart bluetooth? Don’t know why, but that’s solved issues of mine before with Bluetooth (even after multiple reboots which effectively do the same). Just something to try if you haven’t already.

Tried, no difference but thanks for the idea.