Changing motherboard, restored OS image implications

After going with some changes on my pc (it all started with my corsair psu, long story, had a topic about it), I will be abandoning my gigabyte mb (was a pain, finally) and get a new one. Will clone my main drive with clonezilla (did this many times, no pb), but what I didn’t thought about was: what implications are on my OS clone restore if I change the mb ? Is it just plug and play ? The new mb will be MSI x570, so different brand also.

I remember doing it a couple of times and did not have any problems. :smile:

I just edited /etc/hostname to change de name of the previous machines that the HDD or SDD was used on. There was much less updates to do since the disk was kept daily with yay .

But please backup your important files … just in case something doesn’t go the way you want :wink:


Will take backup and see how goes. Thx for the tip, will have to change hostname also, good to remember.

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