Changing DE and WM from xfce xfwm

good day all

i hope that you are all well

i’ve been looking around and i’m thinking to change my de and wm.
reason being well just because the issue of the taskbars and program icons disappearing just happens way to often and i’m tired of having to restart over and over and try this and that all the time before i can do anything.

in my reading it seems to me that changing or installing a different de/wm is a risk and seems not to be common practice?

erm i think that the apps and that , that i have installed are more gtk then anything else , i dont know if that makes a difference.

what would be the best route forward?
what de/wm is an alternative to xfce/xfwm ?

It is something that can be done but certainly isn’t a “just works” type of operation. If you don’t mind troubleshooting the minor issues it can cause, it is doable.

That being said, if you want something that “just works” you are better off reinstalling.

There is a wiki article, on how to install and how to remove each DE.

There is no way to answer this practically. All the DEs/WMs are an alternative to xfce. It is all a matter of personal preference.

Why not try the different DEs in a virtual machine and see which you prefer?


What about this, the best of both worlds?


yeah i guess there will be few minor issues at first, i have to at least acknowledge that.
hehe i was hoping a reinstall wasnt on the table lol but it would be the best idea really. i could just make notes on my mounts ect … as you know i had issues with that before … but ya besides my mounts and browsing , emails, listening to music i dont do anything else on my pc.

gosh ok i had no idea that was even possible … very interesting