Changing App icons?

Where does one change application icons in Cinnamon? I can’t seem to figure this out.


I installed paprius icons and don’t know where or how to initiate their usage. . . .

Under themes settings?

Thanks, nothing adds up to what I was doing. . . I’ve gone through theme settings and it seems I was trying to accomplish the impossible.

Rich :wink:

how you installed them?
If done properly they would appear in theme settings.

I installed them from ‘AUR’ repository using octopi. . . . What am I missing? I don’t see any mention of them in ‘themes’ what so ever. Maybe you can shed more light on this?

Rich :wink:

i can try… could be a cinnamon BUG too… i can setup a vm real quick…

what exactly ? as… it is also on repos:

extra/papirus-icon-theme 20231201-2 (21.8 MiB 106.6 MiB) 
    Papirus icon theme

pacman -Qs papirus
show installed packages

All working fine… you may installed nongtk version or something ?

[richardc@richard-AM4 ~]$ pacman -Qs papirus
local/epapirus-icon-theme 20231201-2
Papirus icon theme
local/papirus-icon-theme 20231201-2
Papirus icon theme
[richardc@richard-AM4 ~]$

This is what I find. . . .in themes ’ In icon folder’ I don’t see any mention of papirus. . . what so ever.


if you mean the themes settings window with “themes” …
you need to click on the right part as i show in this shot:

this will open the part to the reight side and show the installed icon sets to choose from.