Changes in EOS default applications

I’ve got EOS KDE and Cinnamon installed on 2 computers. I installed them maybe 5’ish years ago. Is there a simple way to know when EOS has changed their default apps? I’m thinking things like firewalld, pipewire, … I’ve made the swap to pipewire without issues. I haven’t gotten around to firewalld. I’m not sure what else has changed over the years. I’m thinking that they made the swap for a reason, it might not be a bad idea for me to stay current with them. … maintain it before it breaks.

First, I would point out that you don’t need to actually need to switch anything in most cases. We continually evolve the applications that are installed by default but it doesn’t mean that you need to make the same changes to your installed system.

There have many application changes since the early days of EOS. Most of those are just personal preference though. The most material things I can think of off the top of my head are:

  • Dracut instead of mkinitcpio
  • Pipewire instead of pulseaudio
  • Systemd-boot by default
  • Added firewalld by default
  • Our upcoming ISO will be based on kde instead of xfce