Change the default terminal in endenvouros i3

hello everyone :slight_smile:
noob here, i just want to change the default terminal. I was able to change the shortcut to launch my preferred terminal emulator in the i3 config but how do i change the default terminal for everything else?

For example, when iā€™m on thunar and open a directory and then right click from there there is an option open in terminal but it launches the default terminal which is xfce terminal and the same thing when i run the eos update notifier configuration tool it runs the xfce terminal. how do i change the default terminal, sort of globally?

thanks a lot for all inputs :slight_smile:

Also will need to change Mod + enter keybinding in ~/.config/i3/config

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Just a question - does that lose you the drop-down that comes with xfce-terminal in 13 usage? No go for me :grin:

I really appreciate what you said, but i feel like this only solves it for it for thunar. if some other app had to launch a terminal, it will probably launch a different default terminal.

I was hoping for something more global that affects the whole system, but it looks like i really just need to change this for every app that might need to launch the terminal

Change this line in the default config in ~/.config/i3/config and set your prefered terminal application in place of xfce4-terminal. Restart i3 inplace with Mod+Shift+R for changes to take effect:

# start a terminal
bindsym $mod+Return exec xfce4-terminal

This will only change the terminal in i3. For xfce apps like thunar open the file ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc and add this line TerminalEmulator=custom-TerminalEmulator. The next time you want to open a terminal window, xfce will ask you to choose an emulator. You can just add the name there, example alacritty.


yep I just found out
sorry for that :slightly_smiling_face: