Change keyboard layout in Grub at boot


I have an encrypted installation of EndeavourOS.
By default, the keyboard layout to enter the password at boot is US. I would like to switch to FR keys. I followed this tutorial:(, the keyboard layout is good but then I’m thrown into the Grub shell and am unable to boot. When I have my new grubx86.efi, I place it in /boot/efi/EFI/EndeavourOS and run grub-mkconfig.

Is there any other solution?

I do play with this method also already on try to find a solution for the issue with keymap on encrypted grub, but it was the same what happen to you :wink:

It should be possible, see this to may get some hint:

I think this is for when the /boot partition is encrypted, which is not the case for me. It’s also basically the same thing as grub-mkimage.