Change from Systemd-boot to Grub without reinstall?

Hi, I want change my endeavours installed from Sytembod-boot to Grub, is possible without formatting and reinstalling? In a easy way, not chroot or complicate things.
In case in not an easy step I will reinstall EOS from scratch

It is definitely possible.

However, I don’t think there are any step by steps instructions written.

At the very least, you would need to remove kernel-install-for-dracut, install grub and eos-dracut, run sudo dracut-rebuild and then create a proper grub-install command and run it.

Out fo curiosity: what is the reason?

Thanks dalto, your solution for sure is working but I don’t know how to

so I have reinstalled EOS from scratch even if it was a pain and needed trying 4 times to install (error downloading pacman during install) but at the end I have a working EOS with KDE.
Thanks god next future EOS installer will be KDE offline by default

  1. it will be a multi-boot notebook and EFI partition is not big, in this case Grub use less space than systemd-boot
  2. I previously use Garuda with btrfs snaps on boot and I like this feature that is available on EOS with grub but not with systemd-boot
    Thats why i need grub