Change default scaling for HiDPI displays on live USB

So, yesterday I decided to re-install EndeavourOS on my laptop. Have to say the online install is excellent and works really well.

I have a laptop with a 4k display, and the live USB booted into the environment and set it to 4k resolution, but the scaling factor was set to 1, so all the icons and fonts were tiny and not readable. Is it possible to default to a scaling factor of 2 for HiDPI enviroments, or is this something that can only be implemented upstream in XFCE?

Not sure about that - but there are several ways of handling it in the live environment. In the welcome app, a button gives you access to alternate resolutions (including 1920x1080) to enable you to see what you are doing. OR, you can go to the xfce settings (an icon on the menu allows direct access - or you can find it in the settings/settings manager) and use the Display app to set resolutions as desired.

I run 4K as well (although probably a larger physical screen) - and I haven’t seen a better workaround as yet - on many different distros, although some may have something set up. I can’t see how anybody can make sensible determinations of the physical screen size, though - making any assumptions often wrong…

Yes, I changed the resolution and that’s a quick way. I installed Cinnamon [fed up with Deepin 20 that is always broken] and that works good straight out of the box, but I guess it’s a lot of work for minimal gain to get that into the live USB setup

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Cinnamon is good choice - especially for handling hi-dpi. My second choice (after xfce) - and would become first choice if my monitors were any more different than they are!

Not sure what you meant about ‘out of the box’ - my setup needed to be adjusted the same as xfce when I installed it,?

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I didn’t have to adjust anything for Cinnamon. For xfce I had to adjust the scaling.

Xfce4 has options to set hidpi comfortable:

it will be possible to have a script detecting hidpi display and set the values, but should we implement every little bit of convenience? The way we decide these things is more that we want you to be able to understand the way it works and help to set configurations to fit your needs.
As if it is done automatic you do not know how it works…

xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Gdk/WindowScalingFactor -s 2
xfconf-query -c xfwm4 -p /general/theme -s Default-xhdpi
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I have no problem with my system itself but need sometimes the live endeavourOS live system with xfce.

Can I mod a config in on my usb-stick, so that the default scaling is always 1,25 or 1,5?