Certfications - are they worth it?

I was considering taking some courses from the linux foundation to get certified to improve job hunting prospects. Are they worth the money? Do employers take them seriously?

It depends very much which certifications you are referring to and which part of the world you live in.

I work in IT and certifications like Cisco certifications and high-end Security certifications are valuable.

Things like A+ certifications are not, at least where I live/work.


the linux foundation has a sysadmin cert I was thinking of starting with and then possibly doing the cloud engineer cert they have. does this sound like a good idea or waste of time/money?

To be honest, I don’t know. That being said I have seen a lot of certs on resumes over the years and do not recall ever seeing anyone with Linux Foundation certs.

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good to know

Depends greatly on the certificate (many are utterly worthless) and on the employer and the industry (different companies have different requirements).

If you choose your certificates carefully, you can get much more value for your money and time than getting a college degree. Of course, a college degree tends to be more valuable in absolute terms, but it costs much, much more, and requires more time. Of course, there are many exceptions to this (many college degrees are utterly worthless, too) and it is very difficult to speak in general terms.

The best way to get specific information is to talk to people in your industry, and in your geographical area.

The absolute best way to get a certificate is for your employer to pay for it. You can’t go wrong that way, even if you end up with a relatively worthless certificate. Of course, this assumes you’re already employed…


I’ve recently started going through the Linux Foundation courses myself. However, I’m really just doing it to “Linux better”, I don’t really care about the grade so I’m taking the free version without the testing. I’ve been tinkering with Linux since the mid-late 90’s when you still had to compile the kernel so, thus far, I’ve not seen a whole lot of “new stuff”. I suspect that will change as I get into the system admin courses and other more specialized topics though.