Caught in a kernel 5.16 trap(How to choose different kernel to boot from)?

One laptop two drives two OS -
Endeavour is with 5.16 with great Wi-Fi problems
Debian 11 - no Wi-Fi problems

in a different post on the issue, it seems that the problem is the kernel 5.16

Debian gives advance options to select previous kernels.
How do I boot EOS from an older kernel?

You can install the linux-lts package and boot into that kernel by choosing it in the grub menu.

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do a pacman -Q

pacman -Q akm
akm 2.9.4-1

If akm is not displayed install akm

sudo pacman -S akm

then enter

$ akm

Follow the instructions, choose the LTS kernel


well one issue is I have very unreliable wifi…
I will have to find ethernet cable, connect directly to the router and see if I can connect to the wifi.
(I am writing this from my Debian host)

Thank you
I’ll give it a go.

You could update, the latest kernel is up to 5.17.x currently.

There are a few kernels available from the AUR, and the obvious suggestion already made is the lts kernel.

Arch always is right now. The only way to “just use” an older kernel is to have either not updated from it initially or from a comprehensive back up bringing your entire OS back to a previous state.

Thank you.
Installing the linux-lts then updating solved the issue.
Also I did connect the machine to a wired connection (maybe that helped as well)

Thank you.
Issue been resolved.

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