Casting to a Chromecast device

Hello everyone. I’m having a bit of trouble trying to use Chromecast on my computer. I would like to cast music to my Google Home device from the Spotify app or from a browser such as Chromium. I have tried to do this but have not been able to. My computer “supports” this feature as on Windows it works fine. My friend also runs Arch Linux and his works completely fine. Any input regarding this would be greatly appreciated. (I am on the same network as the device I want to cast to)

The problem generally seems “under construction”. Try to use this package from the AUR: mkchromecast-git and work your way through the error-messages as described in the lower half of the website linked.

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If this doesn’t work out of the box it could be a firewall issue.
If you happen to run firewalld, try allowing multicast as described in this link. If this alone doesn’t work, this info should give you an idea of which ports/services to open for chromecast.

To check if it’s a firewall issue you could simply disable it and try casting to your chromecast device; e.g. for firewalld …

  1. stop firewalld
    systemctl stop firewalld.service
  2. test casting
  3. turn firewalld back on
    systemctl start firewalld.service
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My Vivaldi browser has no problems connecting to my Chromecast/Smartcast devices. Can you be more specific as to what you’re experiencing?

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