Cassini nova partition install issue

when installing Ive created my partition when I select it the next button is unresponsive

when i back out and go back in the partition disappears aswell but i don’t get anything notifying

Does not look like the installer sees a valid EFI system partition. Also, there is no mount point listed for the 300GB ext4 partition. Also, what is on the NTFS partition with the filesystem label Crucial_P3+? Is it something you want to preserve?

ah, i had previously installed manjaro on this drive. my EFI is on my main drive and manjaro used that one iirc. the ntfs partition has some games on it but my windows boot drive is a completely different drive

It could be as simple as assigning the 300GB ext4 partition a mount point of / so the installer knows where to put the system.

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thank you for being patient lol that worked ty

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