Has anyone else noticed the spike in CAPTCHA errors lately? I’ve been literally dancing with captcha for 30 mins now trying to log in Steam in a different machine, and I swear to whatever supreme being you believe in, this thing is fucking with me on purpose. Bicycles, crosswalks, cars, chimneys, traffic lights, name it, I’ve identified it! It even mocks me with how slow the images load. Am I just losing neurons?

I need a drink.


I don’t have problems with most things, but every now and then Google does the same to me. At which point I just say screw it.

I haven’t needed to solve a captcha in months!

That is probably because they typically don’t work with my browser (including the websites that use them), because I disable all cross-site JavaScript… :thinking:

Oh! Hope you don’t mind that I copy that strategy :star_struck:

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Of course I don’t mind! Feel free to copy any of my methods…

Of course, that means that websites that require captcha simply won’t work. I don’t think anything of value is lost, though :rofl:

I’ve been trapped in those before, they are terrible! You start to second-guess every picture; if there is a tiny piece of a tire in one of the squares, does that count as a “square with a bicycle in it”? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

One way out of the loop is to click on the audio option if there is one:

You have to listen to a couple sounds and identify which sound is an animal noise or whatever. If the image-based test is stuck in a loop it’s worth a shot.


Yes exactly! And every time the squares come back I feel like Dormammu being held in a time loop :melting_face:
I have tried the sound thing, yeah, sometimes it doesn’t even play the sound at all :sweat_smile:

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I remember i almost lost my mind some time ago. I started questioning my eyesight. At one point i was thinking: “Do they mean to exclude the poles when they ask for traffic lights?”
I agree with Kresimir, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

this is good to know.