Captain 400 USB and Bluetooth Headset not Outputting Audio

Hello, I am new to Linux, three days to be exact. I’ve settled on EndeavourOS as I really enjoy the OS. I have had only one real issue which is my audio not working for my Captain 400 headset. When in Bluetooth mod it works fine, perfect almost. However when i switch to “adapt mode” or just switching to using the USB Dongle mode, I have no audio. The headset registers and it seems like it is taking audio from what the bar in the sound settings tells me, but I can’t hear a thing. Not a huge issue but I would like to get it fixes if I can.

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Can you share a screenshot of the sound settings when using the USB dongle/adapt mode, please?

Hey it’s fixed now. Had a friend who uses endeavour take a look at it. Thanks though. Just had to turn on extra volume and it worked fine. Just a weird bug where there was no audio below 100, had to turn it to 123 for a good sound.

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