Can't view nfs resource in Dolphin

I used to be able to mount my nfs drive directly within Dolphin with nfs://<drive>/</folder>. Now Dolphin is no longer able to do this, and when I pull down the “remote” pulldown in the network tab nfs is no longer listed as a protocol. I’m probably missing something but don’t know what.

When was the last time you were able to do it? Do you have the package kio-zeroconf installed?

yes I have kio-zerofonf installed. it’s been a few months, certainly before plasma 6 but not significantly long ago

How about installing kio-extras:

it’s already installed.

/home/jc> pacman -Qs kio 
local/audiocd-kio 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-multimedia)
    Kioslave for accessing audio CDs
local/kio 6.0.0-2 (kf6)
    Resource and network access abstraction
local/kio-admin 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-system)
    Manage files as administrator using the admin:// KIO protocol
local/kio-extras 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-network)
    Additional components to increase the functionality of KIO
local/kio-fuse 5.1.0-3
    FUSE interface for KIO
local/kio-gdrive 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-network)
    KIO Slave to access Google Drive
local/kio-zeroconf 24.02.1-1 (kde-applications kde-network)
    Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf)
local/kio5 5.115.0-3 (kf5)
    Resource and network access abstraction
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Maybe something in this discussion over on the kde forums can help

Thanks, I’ve tried most of those things and nothing works. I quick look at kio5-extras vs kio-extras and what’s interesting is the the later is missing I’m posting this to the Arch forum now asking if anyone else is experiencing this before I try and file a bug report.

reviewing the source code for kio-extras it looks like the nfs module is being moved from extras to kio, and it was disabled in the current package. I’ll just have to wait for this to get fixed upstream.