Cant use my HDD

Hello, everyone.
I installed Linux in my desktop. I installed it at my SSD and it’s working for now. But my SSD has little free space, so I really need use my HDD for donwloading things like games and stuff.
The problem is steam isnt detecting it and I cant creat folders in it too

In steam i can enter in it but if i select to use it as a drive, not happens.

I have no idea why or what to do. The HD is empty, no SO. Maybe i mounted it wrong, but really wouldnt know how to fix it or do the proper way

If someone could help, would be great, i dont want to go back to windows (and i dont know if it would work anyway)

you need to add an entry in fstab to mount the HDD to where you want it (ie…~/Games)

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I’ll try it, thanks

At the third screenshot click on the icon next to the square in the left bottom corner.
You wil be given a context menu, select edit mounting options , on the next screen move the slider to the left , and leave the first two boxes checked and click ok.


Thank you. It worked

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