Can't use a Chromed base browser with Sway on ARM

For those of you running Sway on ARM, do you manage to run Chromium, Vivaldi or any browser that is chrome-based?

When I try to open these two, I’ve got an error, such as:] Unable to open X display.

By the way, why do I need a chrome-based browser? Two reasons:

  • To share sound in Jitsi (it can share sound from a Chromium tab, for instance, but not in a different way that I know of)

  • To work with Zoom (in Firefox the camera doesn’t work)

It looks like you’re running into a problem with wayland and the browser trying to use X display instead of wayland. What do you get with this?

pacman -Q | grep wayland

It looks like you may need this package if you don’t already have it: It says it’s an optional dependancy of sway, and yet not a pulled dependancy of chromium to run x11 under wayland.

yay -S xorg-xwayland

updated because I realized this is for ARM

@Pudge does this sound about right? I know it’s an optional dependancy, but for EOS ARM Sway. . .


Precisely, I was missing that package, now both Chromium and Vivaldi open, thanks for that!

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So, I know it’s “optional” and we want to keep things minimal here- but this may be something we want to include with sway? @Pudge what do you think? I feel like this would be something that will become a VERY regular question to come up as people start using sway/ARM? Or add this to the “sway welcome” or “sway wiki” like we do with the bluetooth stuff currently on the welcome/wiki?

@OdiousImp I think you do some work on sway I believe also. Or anyone else who this may be relevant to.

Glad to help! And thanks for what you do here.


This is already part of packages in Sway ARM. It should come if you install via EOS


@lxn 5555 @OdiousImp you no miss anything :+1:

I laugh private joke with @lxn


By part of the packages, should this get pulled as a dependency of EOS sway?


It does ! If you install endeavouros arm sway :shushing_face:


That’s all that matters then! And that solves the mystery of the missing xorg package.

Time for a morning beer.


Nice way to start a day! :sweat_smile:


You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.


Sorry about this issue. It’s true, I’m running the EOS sway config on top of Arch, but I didn’t run the EOS ARM installer script on this installation because I wanted to learn more about how to build the system little by little. But I’m so used to get the solutions I need from EOS forum that I forgot to mention that this was an Arch install.

It’s for sure an example of me biting more than I can chew!

Thanks for your help and friendliness!


You. . . forgot to mention? Telling people you use Arch is the most important part of using Arch. . . . Don’t let that happen again. Tell EVERYONE.






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