Can't update system or update mirrors

Haven’t been able for a couple of days to update my system. It just takes forever, and then says there’s nothing to update (which can’t be possible after so many days).
Also, when I try to update mirrors from the Welcome Application, it say’s refator-simple: no mirrors found.

I read a little bit about the mirrorlist,pacnew file, but didn’t help me. Can I get a hand, please? =)


It is super easy to do it without any super-auto utilities.
If you do it successfully once, keep some notes and if ever you need to redo it again, it is just like 1, 2, 3 :wink:
Just spend some time to read:

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Try this in cli:

reflector-simple ; eos-rankmirrors ; sudo pacman -Syu

Can you post a screenshot of your reflector-simple with the normal options you used?

@petsam tried the instructions on that man page, it didn’t help… =(

@EOS this didn’t help as well =(

@s4ndm4n here you go:

Also, now yay -Syyu is giving me this:
warning: linux-firmware: local (20220411.705f19a-1) is newer than core (20220309.cd01f85-1)
warning: linux-firmware-whence: local (20220411.705f19a-1) is newer than core (20220309.cd01f85-1)

Which makes no sense to me, how could it be upgraded to a version newer than the mirrors? Also, again, I haven’t updated for quite a few days now due to this error… =/

You might want to try:

sudo reflector --latest 5 --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

to get the five most recently synchronized mirrors sorted by download speed and then:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Yay! (The expression, not the software)
This worked. Thanks @pebcak !


This will help with all of the things you mentioned.

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