Cant setup in KDE settings Hotspot password?

For some reason, KDE has this problem that when I try to make hotspot from settings, it doesnt have any password. I also tried with Wi hotspot, but it doesnt work properly.

I can get the password to set up, it is under the wifi security tab. The part I can’t get to work is DHCP, I have to manually assign addresses to the clients.

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DHCP is not installed on EOS. Did you install it?

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Wow, now I feel dumb. Doing it now…

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No need to feel dumb. I think DHCP used to be installed way back. :thinking:

Why is that so? - Is it only needed in special cases like the OP’s?

I get all my ip’s assigned via DHCP without ever installing any DHCPD packet.

I just said DHCP was not installed as far as i know not DHCPD. :man_shrugging:

Here is a discussion on DHCP

In the above image, the DHCP client is your desktop/laptop device with EnOS installed.
The DHCP server in most home situations is your Router.

When one boots up their EnOS device, the following four steps take place.

  1. Your EnOS device sends out a DHCP Discover requesting a IP address
  2. The router then sends back DHCP Offer listing available IP addresses
  3. Your EnOS sends back a DHCP Request for a specific available IP address
  4. The router sends back a DHCP Acknowledgement

In most common setups, the ArchLinux install includes as part of the installation,


If you do a pacman -Q dhclient it should be there

pacman -Q dhclient
dhclient 4.4.3.P1-1

So from the get go, your EnOS install will use dhclient for requesting a IP Address.
The DHCP server is built into the router.

The dhcp package is only installed if you want your EnOS personal install to become a DHCP server. This doesn’t happen very often. Hence it is not installed by default.

x86_64 	Extra 	dhclient 	4.4.3.P1-1 	A standalone DHCP client from the dhcp package 	2022-10-06 	
x86_64 	Extra 	dhcp 	    4.4.3.P1-1 	A DHCP server, client, and relay agent



corrected a typing error

Thanks much, @Pudge !
I must have misunderstood the OP… :wink:

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I’m glad to help.