Can't screen share specific applications/windows

I cannot screen share certain applications from some apps, like web browsers and Discord. Apparently I can share my full screen in them, but not an specific process that’s running on my computer. Any help?

Screenshots of the issue:


System Info:

NOTE: Good afternoon. I’ve just installed EndeavourOS after a friend of mine recommended it to me, and since I’m really interested into getting into Linux as a whole I decided to give it a try: I’m happy to say that it’s been amazing and I haven’t encountered a lot of issues. This is the first one that I don’t know how to approach: it’s my first time posting something on any forum, but the community seems so welcoming that I decided to give it a try. Thanks in advance and have a good one!

As mentioned on Telegram, try Google Meet screen sharing with Google Chrome from AUR. Google services seem to work best with their browser, which has more Google unique code than the open source and derivatives.

I tried Firefox and maybe brave when pandemic era began and hit limitations. Using Chrome was much better.

Hope that helps.

Still didn’t fix the issue. My main concern is with Discord, since it is what I mostly use nowadays: I’ve heard that screen sharing apps with audio is a struggle on Linux, but just sharing an application is all I need to be honest.


Any help?