Can't play mp3 files. Missing ID3 Tag Demuxer

quodlibet refuses to play my .mp3 files with the following error:

No Gstreamer element found to handle media format. Media format: ID3 tag demuxer

gstreamer is already installed on my system, so clearly, some other plugin or codecs are required for this to work. There are quite a few plugins on the aur when I did a quick search: yay -Ss gstreamer

Which one should I install? And why isn’t the required plugins inside the main repo?

According to this page (, I probably need to install the id3demux plugin, which can be found in the gstreamer-good-plugins package. However, the good-plugins package in the aur is for gstreamer0.10 whereas the gstreamer in the main repo is version 1.20.3-2

How about:

$  pacman -Ss gst-plugins-good
extra/gst-plugins-good 1.20.3-2 
    Multimedia graph framework - good plugins


$ pacman -Si quodlibet
Repository : community
Name : quodlibet
Version : 4.5.0-1
Description : Music player and music library manager
Architecture : any
Licenses : GPL2
Groups : None
Provides : None
Depends On : dbus-python gtk3 python-cairo python-feedparser python-gobject python-mutagen
Optional Deps : gst-libav: Extra media codecs for the GStreamer backend
gst-plugins-bad: Extra media codecs for the GStreamer backend; Audio Pitch / Speed, Crossfeed, Submit Acoustic Fingerprints plugins
gst-plugins-base: Default audio backend
gst-plugins-good: Extra media codecs, PulseAudio support for the GStreamer backend; Audio Compressor, Karaoke, Replay Gain plugins
gst-plugins-ugly: Extra media codecs for the GStreamer backend
gtksourceview3: Undo and redo support in multiline text fields
kakasi: Kana/Kanji Simple Inverter plugin
libappindicator-gtk3: Appindicator support in the Tray Icon plugin
libkeybinder3: Multimedia key support under non Gnome setups
libmodplug: MOD support
python-musicbrainzngs: MusicBrainz Lookup, MusicBrainz Sync plugins
python-paho-mqtt: MQTT Publisher plugin
python-pyinotify: Automatic Library Update plugin
rygel: UPnP AV Media Server plugin
webkit2gtk: Web Lyrics plugin
xine-lib: Alternative audio backend
Conflicts With : None
Replaces : None
Download Size : 2.24 MiB
Installed Size : 13.84 MiB
Packager : Bruno Pagani
Build Date : Sat 02 Apr 2022 04:34:50 PM CEST
Validated By : MD5 Sum SHA-256 Sum Signature


@pebcak Yeah. That did the trick. I was still googling for alternative names for the package when your answer came through. I tried pacman -Ss good-plugins but stopped trying when the search came up empty. Damn. I should’ve tried to swap the word ordering, and perhaps go through quodlibet’s package description. :roll_eyes: I’m not proud of myself.

Thanks, though.

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