Can't pin apps to panel

I have been searching for a way to pin apps to a Budgie panel; not a plank, but a standard panel. Many sites claim that right-clicking on the app when it’s open (in the panel, of course) is supposed to do this. Or drag-and-drop from the menu is also mentioned as a solution. None of these “fixes” work for me.

Now, I don’t think this is limited to EOS/Arch systems. My NixOS and Debian Budgie systems have the same problem. Has anyone gotten this to work? Is there a Budgie/GNOME package that I’m missing? Since most of the aforementioned links are 3+ years old, I’m wondering if this functionality was removed.

Evidently Budgie only allows apps to be pinned to the Icons Task List.


I just installed Budgie, and here’s how to pin an app to the default panel. In this example, gedit
First, gedit must be active and on the Desktop. This puts an icon on the panel.
Next, right click on this icon. You will get the following dialog.

Put your cursor on the star and a “Favorite” label appears. Click on the star. The only thing that changes is the thickness of the star’s border. The gedit icon will be pinned on the panel.

To remove it, right click on the gedit icon, the click on the star and it will be unpinned.



To change to a different panel, right click on an open desktop area and choose
“Budgie Desktop settings”
Highlight “Bottom Panel” then click on the plus sign next to “Add applet”.

Click on “AppMenu” then click on the Add button.

Notice it put AppMenu under the Center header. Click on AppMenu and get the Applet settings for AppMenu. Menu Icon let’s you change the panel icon to perhaps the EnOS double sail icon. Also, be sure to enable “Show Power-strip”.

Also, the center area of the window represents the panel. Top is the left of the panel, bottom is the right side of the panel. Once a panel Icon is highlighted, the up and down arrows at the top will move the icon to your desired positition. Click on the garbage can and the highlighted applet will be deleted from the panel.

Now you should have two “Window Panes” icons. Click on the middle one and see what AppMenu looks like. Kind of like Gnome 40’s app launcher.

Notice in the extreme lower left are two icons, one Blue and one White. This allows you toggle between the two different menu layouts available in AppMenu.

Now you know how to add and delete the App Icons and how to change the order.

Now in “Budgie Desktop settings” click on the

“Settings Tab” to change the appearance of the panel.

Have fun exploring Budgie.


Of course once you decide which App Launcher you like the best, delete the other one.


I could have sworn that I tried that; maybe not on EOS, though

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I’m glad you got it going.


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