Can't mount /boot/efi to chroot because of lvm2 system

So I have been happily running a lvm2 system for some time. Recently I went from an Intel system to an amd system. Today I noticed I had both ucodes so I removed Intel-ucode, but, I forgot to reconfigure grub. Doh! Stupid mistake. No problem, I’ll run it in chroot. Or so I thought. I have ran arch-chroot in the past and never had a problem. Now I can mount my root which is a lvm2 member, but, when I go to mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi I get mount: /mnt/boot/efi: unknown filesystem type lvm2 member. sda1 is a normal fat32 esp. As I said I’ve never had a problem before. I tried installing lvm2 and it did no good. That was on an arch iso. Now I’m on a eos and it keeps disconnecting from the internet every few seconds so if I have to do that again I’m screwed. I know it is an uncommon setup but help.

That is my old thread and had to do with a bad update not my current problem.

First reboot, when you get to login hold down Ctrl +Alt and hit F2 It will put you in TTY2. Log in with username and password, then enter “sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg” without quotes. After that runs, Then enter “systemctl reboot” You can mask LVN2 with “sudo systemctl mask lvm2-monitor.service” if that first part does not work.

I don’t get to login.

I am trying to arch-chroot from a live USB.

You said you are “on a EOS and it keeps disconnecting from the internet every few seconds” Try to get to TTY2 from there. You do not need internet.

@woodrowwsmith You just need to start the computer. You don’t need to log in. As @beardedragon has said change to TTY by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F2 Then run the command:

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Then run:
systemctl reboot

Press enter

And as I said I don’t get that far. If gives me a message about intel-ucode being missing hit any key then goes straight to my vendor logo and hangs there. I need to chroot into my system.

Eos iso can’t get past my vendor logo.

An answer from @ringo

Can’t change to systemd boot without chrooting into my system dude.

hehmmm is it cause removin an intel-ucode…but you cant chroot in ?

thats painfull are you btw able to reach that partition, im curius if you can get somewhere intel-ucode.img to sneek the grub… but isnt, if you can see the grub, you can try to edit the command line , with e and look to the line where looks for intel-ucode.img ? thats basicly generating grub thing is, to setup the rub data automatically, ? like amd-ucode and intel-ucode should show in grub.cfg …

No it is because something changed with lvm.

Issue is with LVM Group you need to make this known to the kernel first, what needs to be done manually before chrooting .

vgchange --available y $volgroupname

okay. good deal thanks Joe. I actually got into my system by hitting e at grub and manually removing /boot/Intel-ucode.img from intrid, thanks to Ringo.