Can't login

I’m stuck at the login screen, even if I enter the correct password, he will black screen and then the login screen will reappear

Can you try different sessions if more than one is available?

only one

I use the instruction to login, it shows login error

ca,n you say a bit deeper… :slight_smile:

which desktop you should haven offline installed or online. if you use xfce, after ctrl-alt-f3 login and pacman -Qs xfce4 you see a session file ?

tell more.

I keep looping on the login interface, if I log in using ctrl-alt-f3 it shows a login error, I use xfce

is just one monitor ?


what is : cat ~/.xsession-errors | eos-sendlogs

in tty, ctrl-alt-f3 , i dont know what it is eventual journalctl -b

hit CTRL-ALT-F2, to the a text-based login prompt.
Try login there, if that goes and

to distinguish between user profile problem and
display manager problem I would suggest,
create a new user with:

sudo useradd -m testuser

Try to login there, first … and report back : - )

login Incorrect,

ctrl-alt-f3 after ,login Incorrect

probably a incorrect password causing the loop… best is probably chroot into the system and change the password


achr-root for efi or bios

when you chrooted in : passwd

and make a new password, but make sure keyboard settings are ok

Login with username root and your root password. If not set root password, it should be the same as 1st user’s password.

Then create a new user and try to log into that.

What have you changed before this happened?
Locale, keyboard, dot files, system settings…?

root is also Incorrect, before I changed the swap partition and hard disk check time

I’m sure my password is correct, very sure because it’s simply 123456

Post the exact message in text, or a photo.

any info can help. its now riding in a darl alley with no light, trying to avoid the needles

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There is no image in the post. :person_shrugging:

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