Can't login on Plasma desktop

Don’t feel bad, because 9 times out of 10 it’s user error, or lack of knowledge, which is technically the same thing. :wink:

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Some of the previously installed AUR packages work others doesn’t. For example when launching SchildiChat it gives me this error…
Could not find the program '/opt/SchildiChat/schildichat-desktop'
While LibreWolf works fine.

I think reinstalling/rebuilding each one would be the solution for those.

How do I list down which ones I previously installed from AUR? Or rebuild from system, if already present?

pacman -Qm
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Thanks reinstalled/rebuild all of them.
What’s this kdewallet? Is that a new app from KDE? Always asking for password when I open certain applications.


Just click “OK” without entering a password, then select blowfish. It will stop asking after that.

You may need to delete .local/share/kwalletd first, then do the above, so you might as well just delete it first.

It’s unimportant (for the most part) and gets recreated automatically.

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