Can't log in

I log in with my password, it acts like it’s logging in and then I’m given a black screen. I use lightdm and this happens to all WMs I try to log into. I installed budgie and tried to rice bspwm, but I didn’t modify any system files when this happened.
update: okay I found a way to get into my wm but it is not ideal at all. I have to sudo startx and then do exec budgie which 1. is very inefficient 2. logs me in as root

Sounds like you modified some system files contrary to your initial posting. That’s obviously not normal, and if startx works, then you definitely nerfed it up. You’re definitely past my level of expertise, and likely the easiest shot at fixing whatever you did is to blow up and repave fresh. Good luck.

Bad. Files/folders permissions need repair. Better review damage, by checking which files/folders have root ownership.

The easy way to possibly have a clean and working user account is to create a new user.

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