Can't join Google Meet in GNOME browser

So recently I moved from Firefox to GNOME Web for many reasons and I just realized that I can’t join Google Meet via GNOME Web. It just stucked in Preparing window. It worked without issue on Chromium and Firefox. Is there a way to “fix” it?

Epiphany doesn’t support WebRTC, which is the technology used by Google Meet. Here is a relevant Reddit post

… It seems like GNOME Web has no support for WebRTC, which is the technology Google Meet uses to stream video and audio. It’s an open standard supported by all other major browsers. If you open in Web, you’ll see nothing loads; in any other browser, that page lets you test your camera and microphone. HTML5 Test also reports no support for anything under “Peer To Peer,” which is the WebRTC API…

…WebRTC support has been in “mostly working” state for several years, but the code has some license issues (it bundles libwebrtc, which bundles BoringSSL, which is not GPL-compatible) and I see no signs that these problems will be resolved anytime soon. In the meantime, just use Firefox.

tl;dr : Just use Firefox or Chromium.


Firefox … no issues!

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