Cant install opera

sudo snap install opera
error: too early for operation, device not yet seeded or device model not acknowledged

Why not try:

sudo pacman -Syu opera

Thanks.I tried yay but for some reason it doesn’t install now opera so I decided to snap

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You may have seen already that pacman is the recommended package manager for EndeavourOS. There are also yay and paru (i.e. AUR helpers) that do a great job with AUR packages, and they can be used for repo packages too.

For the record, could you show in detail the yay command you used and the output?

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community/opera 98.0.4759.15-1 (102.5 MiB 297.7 MiB) 
    A fast and secure web browser

this is the version in community repository

aur/opera-beta 98.0.4759.21-1 (+35 0.00) 
    A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite - beta stream
aur/opera-developer 99.0.4780.0-1 (+88 0.00) 
    A fast and secure web browser and Internet suite - developer stream

are in AUR

Opera webside states this as latest stable…


snap is the same too:

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