Can't install LXQt DE

Hi guys i just try moving from windows to Linux…
i want install arch based distro with LXQt DE and i found endeavouros but when i online install i always get an error exit code 127 and installation failed and not complete…

Error Log :

what is the cause of the error and how to fix it ?
is there a way to be able to install endeavouros with LXQt DE in offline mode ?


Problem seems to be with mirrors that are failing.

You could try updating the mirrorlist with terminal command reflector-simple.

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ok i will tried again tomorrow

Welcome to the forum @tiko :tada::balloon:

yes failed to fetch base packages “Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.”

    Got locale language "id_ID.UTF-8" 
    ..  extracted country "Indonesia" :: ("id", "ID")

You should run update mirrors before start install… and make sure to add some extra countries nearby, and HTTP protocol.
With this install should run fine for you!

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